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A Corporate Approach

We originally hired Debbie to manage the gym for us at Tudor after we concluded that simply having the facility was not enough, and she has justified that decision time and again over the last fifteen years. Usage of the facilities increased and stayed at a high level largely because of Debbie's personality and the freshness she brought to the range of classes and personal training she organised and offered directly. I am completely convinced that staff were able to perform at a higher level across the board because of their use of our gym facilities, and Debbie was central to that use. She also exhibited boundless energy in seeking to offer a wide range of alternative opportunities for exercise to all our staff, and her work outside the gym in organising exercise-themed events was first-class. I can thoroughly recommend her to any organisation forward-thinking enough to realise the importance of being proactive about employee health and Fitness.
-Mark Houghton-Berry, Non-Executive Director at SandAire Limited

Wellness Projects

Debbie and I have worked on a number of fitness and health projects and workshops together, which have been extremely successful.
Her experience and expertise give all her initiatives a depth of high quality and must contribute to her success with clients.
-Janet Johnston, Nutritional Therapist

Pilates in a Corporate Environment

Debbie introduced me to Pilates. She conducted regular assessments of my posture, movement and muscle control. She worked with me to improve core strength and other areas of weakness. Debbie motivated me to achieve other fitness goals such as training to participate in various corporate sporting challenges. Debbie is personable and professional, I have no hesitation in recommending her.
-Charlotte Grieves, Product Manager - Alternatives at Aberdeen Asset Management


After struggling with as
intermittent back page for a number of years and following a serious episode of back pain 2.5 years ago, I started a course of exercise which involved screening my intrinsic biomechanics and then using Pilates and a biomechanics programme put together to address the musculoskeletal issues that emerged from the screening. The results of which have been excellent. In that time, my flexibility and general condition have improved, and subsequently, I have not had any serious issues with my back. I find Debbie very knowledgeable ,patient and is extremely good at designing our sessions to take into account any stiffness or aches and pains I may have. I would thoroughly recommend her.
-Ben Kitchener, Compliance Officer, Tudor Capital Europe LLP

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