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Great Teamwork - Osteopathy and Pilates!

I came to Carlo after 18 months of debilitating sacroiliac joint pain (and other associated problems) which had not improved despite trying physiotherapy, consulting an orthopedic surgeon, having a corticosteroid injection and even trying rest. After a few osteopathic sessions with Carlo, I was starting to feel some relief and we agreed that combining pilates with osteopathic treatment would be a sensible long term approach. Carlo briefed his pilates instructor wife, Debbie who carefully crafted a series of pilates exercises designed to strengthen core muscles without
irritating the sacroiliac joints. I have weekly one-to-one pilates sessions with Debbie, complete some homework exercises and see Carlo on a monthly basis. Over the last few months, Debbie and Carlo have been able to work together to reduce my pain and strengthen the surrounding muscles. I am now able to walk and do a lot more activities without undue pain! I have tried both osteopathy and pilates (separately) before but the combination offered by the Dores is much more successful. I thoroughly recommend their partnership approach. - Jackie

“I've known Carlo for about ten years and he's always been great at helping me with my neck and shoulder problems. He's very professional and honest, so if you don't need years of treatment he'll tell you - with Carlo I've found no reason to see anyone else”


"I'd been suffering from a stiff neck for months. The pain would start above my right shoulder blade, hang around at the base of my neck until it was good and tight, then zip up to my right temple and give me a blinding headache. My usual solution was to take to my bed, tuck a hot water bottle behind my neck, down a bunch of pain relievers and wait for it to go away ... and wait ... and wait...
......asked Carlo to take a look at my neck. He found the spot instantly and after working on it for half an hour, packed me off with instructions to do the hot-cold routine (ice pack, then heat pack). .......For the next three weeks, I was headache-free and although my neck was still a bit sore to touch it was nothing like as bad as before. Three sessions later and I am still headache free (can't believe it!). The left side is loosening up nicely, and any day now the right side will give up its last grip and go away. Thank you, Carlo."

“Dear Carlo,
Back in November 2008, I visited you regarding my Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction.
You explained to me that I could start back kickboxing ‘slowly’ early 2009 and by Spring should be ‘nearing normal’. Over the past few weeks, I have passed a grading for Brown belt in kickboxing, White belt for Karate and have also taken up Boxing. Also, am back into running and gym.
Without your help, I may not have been able to do any of this (after 7 years of suffering)
So thank you very much Carlo”

I have been going to different back therapists for years and then found Carlo!! He's fantastic!! He really listens to what you are saying and also uses his 'gut' feeling and expertise to solve the problem!! Carlo manipulates you very gently and is a very kind and calm person who can be totally trusted!! I feel very relaxed whilst with him!! He really tries to see you as soon as possible and will not push you into seeing him more than you should ...... unlike a lot of practitioners!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!

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