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Improve the wellness and productivity of your employees

In today's ultra-competitive and results-driven business environment, corporate wellness is no longer a luxury extra; it's a necessity.
An average of 6.6 days per employee are lost to sickness absence per year, that is an average cost of employee absence of over £600 per head each year. 2/3’s of absences are short term absence with musculoskeletal injuries, back pain and stress the second most common form of absence (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development(CIPD), Absence Management Report 2014).

Ignoring employee health and well-being can result in significant costs to an organisation in terms of sick pay and temporary staffing cover as well as having a negative impact on employee morale, colleague workloads and ultimately business productivity’ (CIPD Absence Management Report 2014)

Our corporate solutions services are available to all businesses, companies and public sector organisations throughout Central London.

Corporate Health

Would your organisation benefit from introducing health & wellness initiatives in your workplace?

Take a look at the benefits to employers that can be attained by introducing these initiatives and some of the case studies of those who have.

Corporate fitness and well-being are
an investment. In order to maximise your return on this investment in your employees' health and allow you, the employer, to focus on the success of your core business and its future, it is important to hire highly qualified professionals who can provide a wide range of health and wellness services.

Whether you wish to develop a comprehensively funded programme or alternatively offer services that are available for the employee to access on a self-funding basis Dore Health is here to assist.

Dore Health can help you with planning your programme and providing the professional services to bring it to life.

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