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Health & Fitness | Pilates & Yoga Professionals

We have a great team of wellness professionals who can cater for all your health and fitness needs, whether it is a comprehensive strategy or a more focused approach to a specific wellness area.

debbie smiling


Has had a career in the health and fitness industry spanning the last twenty years evolving from a fitness professional to that of an experienced corporate fitness facility manager. Her expertise is in the area of developing workplace wellness programmes that allow employers to maximise the effectiveness of their provision and uptake by their employees. As a teacher, Debbie teaches a variety of different styles, her personal favourite being functional training with VIPR's and TRX's. Her primary area of interest, however, is Pilates, being qualified in the full range of Pilates apparatus and mat work.

Dore Health Fitness Professionals

kat smiling


An experienced personal trainer. Her goal has always been to help as many people as possible to realise the eminently achievable goal of significantly lowered body fat and pleasing muscle shape and definition. Kat's expertise is focused in the area of strength and conditioning, whether male or female, she is outstanding at motivating her clients to go the extra mile to attain their goals.

marina smiling


Has been working in the fitness industry for almost two decades. Originally trained as a dancer before retraining as a personal trainer, she teaches pump, core balance, circuits, core attack, Zumba & aqua classes. She is also qualified for pre and postnatal exercise prescription. She mixes up her sessions to incorporate new trends and more traditional workouts so that workouts are always stimulating. Marina's motto 'Believing is Achieving'!

jon smiling


An experienced personal trainer, with over fifteen years in the fitness industry. He also teaches classes, spinning, circuits, pump, and body sculpt. He has had many successes, including inspiring one of his clients to attain a sports science degree and go on to a career coaching Rugby and also helping a female client to attain the goal of losing four stone. Personally, he has twice completed the London Marathon and also abseiled down a lighthouse!

tracy smiling


A semi-pro cyclist who is never happier than if she is racing or training for her next event. She has represented Wales in Rowing achieving a Commonwealth bronze. Eventually, Tracy switched focus to competitive road racing with ‘Les Filles' woman's racing team. Naturally, her areas of expertise are cycle power training and rowing, and also spinning, running, weight training, exercise, and functional strength. Tracy believes the most effective fitness occurs when you are having fun.

rob smiling


Came to his career in fitness from a sporting background in his home country of New Zealand. His main sports were rowing, rugby, swimming, kickboxing, and cricket attaining New Zealand National Champion in Rowing 1995 - 1996. Rob is a certified strength and conditioning coach but also includes swiss ball training and boxing into his varied approach to training.

Pilates & Yoga Instructors

cathering smiling


Catherine began practicing yoga to reduce symptoms of stress that were beginning to creep into her full-on lifestyle. With the encouragement of her own teachers, she followed her heart, changing her life completely, to become a yoga instructor. She trained with Yoga London 2013, with Tara Stiles in New York and Katy Appleton in London. Catherine is an engaging and challenging teacher who strives to help her clients achieve their own personal yoga practice & bring balance to their lives.

erica smiling


Erika spent 20 years in the corporate world, making a career change, after qualifying as an RYT500 Yoga instructor in 2010. She has experienced the pressures of a demanding career first hand. Erika believes that we all have the potential to transform both ourselves and our lives. She thrives from seeing students progress and flourish from the benefits they reap from their yoga practice. Erika teaches vinyasa flow, gentle flow, pregnancy yoga, meditation, pranayama, and restorative yoga.

silvie smiling


has been a personal trainer since 2004, qualified to teach aerobics, step, weights, strength, and Bosu. However, it was when she studied Pilates with Polestar, she found her life's passion. Silvie believes that Pilates is a great foundation for all. Her knowledge, experience, and dedication make her an excellent motivator helping her clients to balance their bodies and achieve strength with stability.


carlo smiling

Carlo -
Carlo has over 10 years experience, using osteopathic structural and soft tissue techniques, has enabled him to provide effective treatment for people of all ages with a variety of conditions from adults with sports injuries and chronic or acute neck and back pain, to a senior with arthritis.

He qualified through the renowned British School of Osteopathy in London, is registered with the GOsC (the governing body) and recognised by all major Healthcare insurance companies.


tracey smiling

Tracey -
Tracey is a registered clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. Functional medicine practitioners use a systems Biology approach, i.e. they treat the body as a whole, as they recognise that the human body works that way and that imbalances in key body organs or systems have impact elsewhere in the body. As a Clinical Nutritionist Tracey can also offer the very latest in diagnostic testing with which to identify deficiencies and imbalances. Nutritional therapy is helpful for many and varied health complaints which include: Hormonal imbalance (male and female), IBS, inflammatory bowel disease and other gut disorders, fatigue, stress, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, weight loss, skin conditions, food allergies, depression/anxiety.


jacques smiling

Jacques H
Poullard - is the founder of Optimal Massage therapy ( a provider of clinical massage therapy to corporations. He is the driving force behind an enviable practice that has helped him secure key contracts to provide clinical massage therapy for high-profile clientele.
The Optimal Massage Therapy team members are each carefully selected for their qualifications and experience, but also for their ability to provide a top quality treatment, with skill, intuition, creativity, expertise,
care, and professionalism.

Wellness Workshops

Dore Health can help you to inform your employees on a variety of health & well-being topics in:
  • Meditation
  • Balancing energy levels throughout the day
  • Back care at your desk
  • Restorative yoga & meditation
  • Food Intolerances - how to manage them

These can be delivered in either talk or workshop format and can help to provide information and education to enable your employees to make positive lifestyle changes.

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