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Pilates Classes in Cobham

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Classes @ The Cobham Curve

Tuesday Classes

Half Term Break - There will be no classes in the week commencing the 26th October - 1st November 2020


Classes are held upstairs in the Covenham Suite, The Cobham Curve, Fairmile Lane, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2BU(

Size of classes

The classes are small (a maximum of 10 people) to allow for personal attention to technique and safety. Some small equipment such as fitness circles and toning balls are used in order to aid precision, focus, and intensity. Please bring your own mat.

For a more detailed description of the classes and whether it may be suitable for your needs please take a look at my latest blog on the 09/07/19.
Access it from the link in the header above.

Cobham Curve Covid Update - We are taking all measures necessary, as stipulated in the Covid Government Guidelines, to protect the health of our clients. Participants are requested to bring their own mats and a large towel to go underneath it. If you have any Pilates equipment such as flexbands,balls etc please bring them. We will operate a one-way system in & out of the venue and the area will be well ventilated with the doors open. All mats will be at least 1-2metres apart and side by side.

If you would like to join a class contact me via the contact link.
Payments for classes can continue to be made online.

Tuesday Classes

Absolute Beginners Class

8.30am - 9.30am
For those with very little or no experience of Pilates.

Beginners /Mixed-Ability

9.45am -10.45am
For those some experience of Pilates. Different levels of ability can be catered for.

Intermediate Pilates

11.00am - 12.00am
If you have been practising Pilates for a while this is the class for you. More challenge is added to the exercises to provide a stronger workout for your core.

Seniors Pilates Class

12.10pm - 1.10pm
This class is more suitable for the absolute beginner or those with musculoskeletal injuries or conditions.

Thursday Class (Online via Zoom)

Beginners/Mixed Ability 10.00am -11.00am
For those with some experience of Pilates. Di
fferent levels of ability can be catered for.
Intermediate Level Pilates 12.00pm - 1.00pm For those who have been practising Pilates for a while and want more challenge to their practice.

Friday Class - (Online Via Zoom)

Beginners/Mixed Ability 11.45am - 12.45pm

Different levels of ability can be catered for. It's useful to have cans, cushions and towels to hand if you don't have any equipment. We can always improvise!

Our Fees
Tuesday 'Face to Face' Classpass - A 6-week course that has to be taken over a 7-week period. A Classpass is £75
Thursday/Friday Zoom Classpass - A 6 week course that has to be taken over a 7 week period. A Classpass is £57
Combi Classpass - 8 classes in total, 4 face to face classes & 4 zoom classes. Classes have to be taken over a 5 week period. A Combi class pass is £90

Pay As You Go - £15 per face to face classes: Zoom £10 per class

Classpasses - gives flexibility to miss a week due to unforeseen circumstances whilst encouraging you to keep up a regular practice and rewarding you with a discount!

Classes are only interchangeable between face to face classes to zoom classes at Dore Health's discretion.

Please call/text Debbie on 07949 051778 to reserve your place.