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Bespoke Pilates Solutions
Central London & Surrey

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Pilates solutions and classes to improve your lifestyle

With over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry, I have always remained focused on developments that would further my knowledge and techniques in personal training. When I became qualified as a Stott Certified Pilates Instructor I knew that I had found a form of exercise that fitted perfectly with how I love to teach.

I focus on posture and how the body moves with the goal of enabling my clients to develop healthy balanced bodies that function without pain or stress.

Bespoke Pilate Solutions is aimed at the individual who needs classes or one to one tuition. The clinics and classes are based in Molesey and Cobham in Surrey.

What is Unique about Dore Health's Bespoke Pilates Solutions?

G.P’s often recommend Pilates to rehabilitate patients who are injured or experiencing chronic pain. At Dore Health, Carlo and I work together to devise an optimal treatment plan, using Osteopathy and Pilates to take each client forward from their first appointment to fully functional health. How?

  • Clinical assessment of the initial condition
  • Treatment with osteopathic techniques to relieve acute symptoms
  • A series of Pilates classes targeted to enable each client to fully recover and prevent reinjury.
  • Using a holistic approach, each client is facilitated and encouraged to participate in their return to a pain-free lifestyle.

This is facilitated by retraining the body in safer and more efficient patterns of movement which ultimately result in a more balanced and conditioned body. A body that is stronger and more mobile is less liable to be injured.

Pilates for Healthy Living

Professional Pilates instructors at Dore Health in Molesey and Cobham

Pilates, however, is not only recommended to recover from injury. Depending on your goals, it can be a focused and gentle exercise method to improve spinal and pelvic alignment. It promotes core control so that you are able to cope with the activities of daily living with ease. Equally, it can be a challenging and demanding workout used to support and facilitate training for sports and other activities. Pilates is an exercise method for everyone!

Visit the Dore Health Wellness clinic in Molesey and Cobham for advice and solutions that will help you transform your life.