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Dore Health Testimonials
Central London & Surrey

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Pilates in a Corporate Environment at Sony, Weybridge

I have been practising Pilates for over one year with Debbie. As this is an additional cost to the Sony Gym membership, I may not have continued this class if it were not for her kindness and level of expertise. To start with, Debbie is always on time and makes sure that all the equipment is set up before we arrive. She always has a programme with her and although her target is to make us progress week after week, she will always adapt to our need (e.g back pain or low energy level). But above all, I am very impressed by her level of knowledge and attention to detail......she always makes sure that we move the right muscle at the right time!
Laetitia Mirone, Sony Weybridge - December 2017

Great Teamwork - Osteopathy and Pilates!

I came to Carlo after 18 months of debilitating sacroiliac joint pain (and other associated problems) which had not improved despite trying physiotherapy, consulting an orthopaedic surgeon, having a corticosteroid injection and even trying rest. After a few osteopathic sessions with Carlo, I was starting to feel some relief and we agreed that combining pilates with osteopathic treatment would be a sensible long term approach. Carlo briefed his pilates instructor wife, Debbie who carefully crafted a series of pilates exercises designed to strengthen core muscles without
irritating the sacroiliac joints. I have weekly one-to-one pilates sessions with Debbie, complete some homework exercises and see Carlo on a monthly basis. Over the last few months, Debbie and Carlo have been able to work together to reduce my pain and strengthen the surrounding muscles. I am now able to walk and do a lot more activities without undue pain! I have tried both osteopathy and pilates (separately) before but the combination offered by the Dores is much more successful. I thoroughly recommend their partnership approach. - Jackie , Client

Pilates with Debbie

I have been doing pilates with Debbie for almost three years. I was nervous about joining a class, never having done pilates before, but found that the small class size and Debbie's excellent teaching and friendly approach made it very unthreatening. Debbie provides a challenge with every class, but is always aware of everyone's individual needs and limitations. She makes the session fun as well as invigorating."
-Julie Evans, Client


Hip trouble led me to a 6 week course of Physiotherapy and at the end of the sessions, the physio said that if I wanted to really sort myself, out, I should do Pilates. I have osteopenia and a bad neck, as well as arthritis, so it was with great relief that I discovered Debbie, who was starting a Pilates class for people with various skeletal issues. I have been in Debbie’s class for well over a year, and it has been so good for my body. I am an OAP, and working with Debbie has given me a much more positive outlook on aging.

A Combined Approach

After suffering several episodes of lower back pain since having children, this time, I went to see Carlo at the medicine garden. His practice was warm, friendly and professional. Very quickly he took me out of pain, and after two follow-up sessions, I was much more comfortable. Carlo recommended Pilates as a way to strengthen my core and avoid future episodes. Having never done any Pilates and finding it difficult to get to a class I booked a one to one session with Debbie. Initially, I intended to have a few sessions with Debbie which would enable me to get to grips with the principals and maximise any group sessions I could attend in future. However, my one to one sessions quickly became invaluable. Not only do I see and feel my body getting stronger, week-on-week, I also feel uplifted afterwards. Debbie has worked muscles I didn't know I had (no wonder they were weak)! Over the past few months, I have gone from strength to strength and I put this down to Carlo and Debbie's combined approach. I feel, quite literally, in safe hands.
-Lauren Fryer, Client

Pilates at the Medicine Garden

Debbie's Pilates class at the Medicine Garden in Cobham is the most enjoyable class I have attended for the past 12 months. I feel energised and flexible after each session. Debbie ensures that each class has new movements or a variation on previous movements, is fun and she is always at hand to help with postures. Pilates at its best.
-Jackie Schupbach, Client